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Mark Boas

Web Developer - Product Manager - Media Technologist



Web stuff - mostly audio and video. Always pushing the limits of the web platform, I came up with the idea for jPlayer back in 2009 - millions of downloads later I continue to help coordinate development.

I've worked with media companies such as Al Jazeera, BBC, CBC, Danish Radio, Mozilla, Pandora, RAI, Soundcloud, WFMT and WNYC.

Right now I'm focussing on making the spoken word as discoverable, shareable and accessible as possible by coupling with Interactive Transcripts.

Selected as a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellow in 2012, I subsequently won a grant from the Knight Foundation to co-found and later went on to co-found Trint Ltd based on similar technology.

Working as a CTO for two and a half years has given me valuable insight into what's required to take a start-up from idea to revenue.

Whether you require consultancy, training, an application or just want to talk over the possibilities - I can always find time for a chat.

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